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This website is being provided as a public service. We hope that it will supply you with the information you need to be an informed voter of Highlands County. We welcome any questions or suggestions that you may have.
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The Florida Department of State in association with Florida's 67 county Supervisor of Elections is happy to offer voters an electronic means to submit a voter registration application. This method is secure, efficient, and generates a cost savings for tax payers. Beginning October 1st you can access RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov for the new online voter registration website.

Click here for the official press release of the launch for more information. We are always working to improve access for all voters to engage in the electoral process.

Candidates and Issues

You can find out about the issues by reading the newspaper, surfing the Internet, watching the candidates debate each other on television, listening to the radio, and/or attending campaign events where you may meet the candidates in person and ask them what they will do if they are elected.

Our office does not hand out information regarding the candidates or issues.

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